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Is your MRO programme under control or is it, as is often the case, a shambles, or worse still, don’t you know? Effective management of MRO is notoriously challenging presenting an extremely wide range of issues, many of which are unique to the category.
This two day conference is designed to provide procurement leaders newly faced with the challenge of managing MRO with insights into making the business case for managing MRO, exploration of the roles of key stakeholders, and insights into key tactics and strategies.
The conference will also be valuable to MRO category managers, supply chain managers, inventory and asset managers, and anybody else responsible for effective spare parts management.

This two-day special event will give your organization the insight to gain greater control of your MRO and spare parts inventory spend, address your key issues with MRO and spare parts inventory management and unlock the significant hidden costs-savings associated with MRO procurement.

This conference answers the fundamental question of ‘How can procurement, spare parts management, maintenance, and service professionals work together to deliver the right spare parts to provide to customers, production and operations at the right time to reduce downtime and ultimately reduce cost?’

The format for the event is a more traditional conference format on day one, with multiple presentations and discussions, while day two is an extended, practical workshop on best practice MRO management.

Day one conference highlights include insights into:

• Making the business case for MRO management
• Understanding the biggest challenges in MRO •procurement today
• Who should be accountable for MRO and why?
• Agile procurement and why it is important in the MRO space
• Supply Chain Planning for MRO Materials
• The impact of the Internet of Things on MRO and spare parts management
• The role of 3D printing in spare parts management
• Driving change – the skills and attributes for success
• The role of technology in effective spare parts management

Day two workshop:

• How to create a best in class MRO and spare parts management strategy

Over two, content filled days you will hear from industry leaders about hard-won lessons learnt and case studies highlighting the ‘pitfalls’ and ‘wins’ realised by tried and tested MRO strategies.

Reasons to Attend

This event is designed to provide you with the information that you need to achieve your MRO and spare parts inventory management goals.

You should attend this conference if you want to:

• Determine how and where you can add value to your MRO programme
• More confidently manage your MRO stakeholders
• Reduce your MRO and spare parts inventory spend and capital investment
• Improve forecasting and parts availability
• Establish management frameworks that will improve both the effectiveness and efficiency of your MRO and spare parts management
• Drive better outcomes through more effective deployment of technology
• Avoid the pitfalls that stop companies from achieving their goals
• Learn about and achieve best practice in MRO and spare parts management
• Develop an MRO and spare parts management strategy that will enable you to take control of your inventory

Who Should Attend

Supervisors, Heads of Departments, 2 IC’s, Managers, General Managers, Senior Managers, Directors and Assistant directors, Vice Presidents, Senior Vice Presidents, Presidents as well as Engineers and Executives from all Industry Sectors in the following key areas of:

• Procurement
• Supply Chain & in-bound Supply Chain
• Spares Management
• Asset management
• Maintenance & Engineering
• Materials Planning
• Operations Management
• Inventory Management & Warehousing
• Finance
• Logistics
• Commercial
• Material Planning